Monday, November 07, 2016

What to Do With a Mathematics Degree

If you’re reading this article, the thoughts like “Where can I find someone to do my math homework for cheap?” have never crossed your mind. And you’re a lucky person because math isn’t a discipline that is easy to understand. If you think that studying mathematics is only solving problems and the only place you’ll be able to work is school or college, you’re wrong. People who are good at it obtain a lot of good skills; their mental abilities let them solve complex problems. Math major opens you the doors to many profitable and prestigious careers; you only have to devote yourself to studying and becoming a qualified specialist.
We don’t say that working in the educational sector and helping other people to obtain knowledge is bad. This job isn’t so prestigious and high-paying compared to others, but if you feel that teaching is your cup of tea, you may pursue this career. However, you opened this article not because you want to work as a teacher, right? Mathematicians have strong problem-solving skills, understand complex processes, have good logical thinking, and have other advantages over those who are good at humanities.
Here are some careers math majors can pursue:

Career in finances

If you’re good at math, you may start working as an accountant or choose any other career in the finance sphere. It may require you to get additional training, but the advantages are worth it. At least, you’re used to working with numbers, and large amounts of work can’t frighten you. However, employers are often ready to train the candidate if they see that this person has good skills and is ready to develop. So, don’t be afraid to apply for a job even if you don’t have a professional certification.

IT careers

Many mathematicians also have good computer skills and even know something about software development and programming. If you feel that the IT sphere is what attracts you, why not try your luck at becoming a programmer, software developer, or choose other IT-related careers. People of these professions are in demand and usually get a high wage. If you’re studying in school and see that essay writing is hard for you, consider using online help with writing a paper and devote your time to studying maths.

Statistics careers

Being a statistics expert isn’t easy since you have to collect, analyze, and interpret large amounts of statistical data. The elements of statistics are present in many other jobs, so having at least the basic skills of this science will be good for everyone. Be ready to conduct surveys and experiments because these are the essential elements of a statistician's work.

A career in the banking sector

If you want to have a high-paying job, you must consider entering the banking sector. It may be rather difficult for a math major without any additional qualifications, but you must try to persuade the employer. By the way, a properly designed CV is half of success. We advise you to consult professionals from and ask them to create a good resume for you. Math majors who want to work in banking may deal with mergers, acquisitions, shares, lending, privatization, and many other processes.