Monday, November 07, 2016


Metro Economic Growth Alliance of Chicago  (MEGA-Chicago)

To grow the economy of Northeastern Illinois through coordinated, proactive regional business development and to foster a Culture of Economic Development throughout the region.


The global competition for corporate investment and jobs continues to intensify. Communities throughout the U.S. and around the world all want the quality of life afforded by a diverse economic base. This intensifies the competition for investment by companies seeking new markets and lower costs to remain competitive in the world marketplace.

The Chicago region is a diverse and growing economic engine. Yet, like many other areas the region has suffered setbacks including the loss of manufacturing jobs, increased traffic congestion and workforce challenges. Although strong local economic development efforts have emerged to represent communities throughout northeastern Illinois, we have not been successful in shaping them into an overall regional strategic effort. This lack of regional coordination between local efforts and state programming has led to inefficiencies, as well as the inability to marshal adequate resources for a proactive regional marketing and business retention/recruitment initiative. Therefore, by consolidating our efforts we create a unified voice across the region. We will attract more jobs and investment working together.

The time is right to work together to:

  • Improve the Region’s Quality of Life
  • Promote the Diverse Economic Base
  • Coordinate Regional Marketing

A Measured Response

Recognizing the mutual benefits of regional collaboration, the economic development practitioners representing the 10 northeastern Illinois metropolitan counties, World Business Chicago, and ComEd have formed the Metro Economic Growth Alliance of Chicago (MEGA Chicago).